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Anarchist concepts 3: Dual power strategy

As the multitude begin to trust government less and less, and often as the government’s own resources begin to dwindle, alternative associations for the provisions of public goods and services are often created. This is a natural and quite spontaneous … Continue reading

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Some small notes on the mid 2013 global protests.

Turkey*, Brazil, Chile and depending on how you count it, Bulgaria are all going off. While they’re all borderline cases,  it’s not difficult to argue that all of these countries are at least on the threshold of a revolutionary situation. … Continue reading

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Protesting is sensible, lobbying is unrealistic.

I’m sick of hearing that protests don’t work, that they are “unrealistic” and “idealistic”, and that what we need is “sensible” lobbying campaigns. The empirical research, and the social scientists working on the issue (not to mention vast reams of … Continue reading

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Just for fun: How to use the concept of immaterial production to transform damn near everything into political economy, and reduce all forms of oppression to relations of exploitation, a sketch

Two friends and I were once chatting, and the topic came up of the relation of domination to exploitation. Friend A cheekily suggested that exploitation, not domination, was the fundamental thing, and that all domination could be analysed as exploitation. … Continue reading

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Defend Occupy Sydney

To Sydney Council I was disgusted to learn of the recent decision to attempt to remove Occupy Sydney. Say what you like about Occupy, the facts remain these; Occupy Sydney was, and still is, an experiment in democracy. It has … Continue reading

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Anarchism & Marxism- We didn’t get along in the first international but can we get over that now? Thanks.

Yesterday I heard someone use the phrase “Anarcho-Marxist” for the first time. I’d previously heard the phrases “Anarcho-Stalinist” and “Anarcho-Trotskyist”, but always used in a negative way. It was pretty clear the speaker meant “Anarcho-Marxist” in a purely descriptive way- … Continue reading

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Some quick ideas for an Analytic Anarchism program

I’ll be writing up a consideration of Alan Carter’s much more developed approach to the same topic soon. I’ve argued previously that analytic philosophy has a lot to give anarchism and vice-versa. Naturally this is a project that’s already begun … Continue reading

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