A word on admin policy

Thus far there have been no problems, so it seems like an excellent time to get in and lay something down, so I cannot be accused of changing the rules halfway through the game.

This is my blog, it’s not somewhere you have to go in order to lead a fulfilling life, it’s not a place you helped build, it’s certainly not the only public space available on which you can scrawl your thoughts. As such you shouldn’t be too upset if I tell you to leave, remove a specific comment, or ban you for a period. Chin up, you’ll get over it. And no, if you think about it, it’s not in any sense a form of censorship in the prerogative meaning.

Generally speaking, I react very badly to insults directed at other commentors, myself, or anyone except a relative handful of right-wing gits. I react badly to spammy behaviour. I’m not too worried about derailing, but if it gets very bad I might remove it. Beyond that relax, I’m fairly generous. If you want to swear, go ahead. I’m certainly not out to ban anybody.


About timothyscriven

I study philosophy at Sydney University. In the grand scheme, I'm not very important.
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One Response to A word on admin policy

  1. Hasn’t Facebook taught you anything? All moderation is fascism, apparently.

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