(Work in progress) Model submission on gender diversity and university forms and records

Thanks to Mike de Waal and others for their kind suggestions

To SEG Equity & Human resources [Insert the name of the relevant university committee at your university instead]

As you are no doubt aware, numerous students identify as neither male nor female. There is a diverse array of gender and sex identities of students at this university. Governments and institutions around the world have begun to take steps to recognise these differences. For example, a recent decision of the NSW Court of Appeal [1] ruled that not everyone must be listed as either a male or a female with the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Further, a number of SUPRA’s [Insert the name of your organisation instead] constituents have complained of being marginalised by various forms, surveys etc which require the identification of oneself as either male or female.

A recent conference of queer students from around the country identified this as a priority in ending discrimination against gender and sex diverse people at university, and the CAPA and NUS Queer Officers are both supportive of policy changes in this area.

Significantly, the federal government has recently changed its guidelines to require all of its agencies to provide a third option in the gender category [2]. Further, in June the government passed sweeping reforms to the Sex Discrimination Act, giving full recognition to intersex and transgender people by broadening the grounds of discrimination covered by the Act [3].

It is SUPRA’s [Insert the name of your organisation instead] view that the university should take immediate steps to recognise the diversity of its students. Therefore we propose that the university consider phasing out any policies, forms etc which require the identification of oneself as male or female, and consult with the gender and sex diverse community around preferred alternatives.

Timothy Scriven [Insert your name instead]

SUPRA Queer Officer [Insert your title, if any, instead]


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I study philosophy at Sydney University. In the grand scheme, I'm not very important.
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