The brief case for the radical imagination

I want to briefly sum up the case for radicalism, to draw together the various elements of the case against capital and the state. If the rhetoric or arguments are not new, so be it, these ideas must be presented endlessly.

During the May 68’ revolution one of the most common etchings was “all power to the imagination.” Allow these words to move through you. Imagine a world without borders. Without property relations. Without gender. Without the concept of race. Without the prison system. Without the co-existence of vast hunger and vast waste. Without the selfish destruction of earth, our home. 

Imagine a world where no one is ruled by another for eight hours of most of their days. Imagine a world where children’s dreams and personality aren’t leeched out of them because the bosses need it. Imagine a world where the concept of nations is not even rejected- it simply does not exist. Imagine a world where we don’t face a million plots aligned to turn us from each other.

Marx writes in The Communist Manifesto that capitalism is like a sorcerer who can no longer control the forces he has summoned from the netherworld.  He meant the forces of material production but he might just as easily have meant the force of dreams. Most of us have lived under class societies for at least ten thousand years. Capitalism is the first mode of life in that long to tell us we are all equal. When we spill its lifeblood we will hold it to that promise, we will run it through with its own false oaths.

All we are imagining here is a world where collectively and individually we all run our own lives. In other words, we are imagining a world where everyone has the space to be human. But within these imaginings there is incandescent, urgent rage. Every moment we wait, we grow older; we live and die under this system. Let’s remake the world. Let’s give all power to the imagination.

For a free humanity.


About timothyscriven

I study philosophy at Sydney University. In the grand scheme, I'm not very important.
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