Fences cross us

“Property doesn’t merely have a fence around it; it is a fence around us. What was really being enclosed during the enclosures was not the land itself but us, the working class. Property, the differential ownership of the means of production, creates a world in which we are surrounded by objects we could use to survive and to flourish but can’t, unless we conform into the wage relation. If we try to bypass the wage relation and use the property we need, we’re arrested or shot at. We’re trapped in a vast slave camp with no inside or outside.

Liberalism is the feat of making our slavery appear as a precondition for freedom, of suggesting that our exclusion from the control of our own lives is done in the name of freedom. Private property, literally the walls of our prison, is said to be of the essence for freedom. What absurdities.”

-My diary, late 2012


About timothyscriven

I study philosophy at Sydney University. In the grand scheme, I'm not very important.
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