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The Brief Refutation of Most (Right) Libertarians

If it is to fit with the actual political beliefs of most libertarians, (right) libertarianism as a political philosophy needs to do two things: 1.Show that property ownership isn’t simply an arbitrary legal or culturally recognized claim, but represents a … Continue reading

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Towards #FullQueerCommunism

So a friend was just banned from the queer network for, among other things (all of them equally baseless), posting a video of Black Panthers chanting “No more pigs in our community” on a thread. In case you can’t read … Continue reading

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Notes on a scandal- Facebook’s community standards

Censorship. A difficult matter at the best of times. Almost every one quarter sensible person, even on the right, would agree that this doesn’t even begin to be worthy of censorship: The image is from the delightful page “Anarchist memes”. … Continue reading

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