The Raue Affair: Origins, Supreme Court, and What’s Next


The ongoing affair surrounding the attempt to dismiss Tom Raue has played out in the Supreme Court, where it was decided this week that the Board has the power to dismiss Raue in the way prescribed by its governing documents. It seems like an appropriate time to look back on the affair and consider what comes next. After all, Tom has not yet been dismissed and the case against him, notwithstanding this week’s ruling, remains dubious.

  •  The Origins

It all started with a report written by Alexandra Hardy, a senior HR member of the USU. Hardy’s report was the result of her investigation into the events of open day on 31 August 2013. During the course of the day, a group of NTEU and student protestors disrupted an on-stage USU event in order to spread information about university management’s intransigence in enterprise bargaining. Tom Raue was a member of the…

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