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I study philosophy at Sydney University. In the grand scheme, I'm not very important.

The Raue Affair: Origins, Supreme Court, and What’s Next

Originally posted on edoverheels:
The ongoing affair surrounding the attempt to dismiss Tom Raue has played out in the Supreme Court, where it was decided this week that the Board has the power to dismiss Raue in the way prescribed…

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Marching to the limits: The non-coverage of March in March and other protests

The big story about March in March according to my Newsfeed is that there aren’t stories on March in March. The Age provided some relatively sympathetic coverage, but it wasn’t on Sunrise and the SMH relegated it to the online … Continue reading

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Misery and Debt by Endnotes, a reply

In Misery and Debt, Endnotes argue that Capital accumulation tendentially means the growing ‘irrelevance’* of labour. Labour is thrown onto the street, forced into junk jobs- into low paid and often precarious jobs in the service sector. They further propose … Continue reading

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The Brief Refutation of Most (Right) Libertarians

If it is to fit with the actual political beliefs of most libertarians, (right) libertarianism as a political philosophy needs to do two things: 1.Show that property ownership isn’t simply an arbitrary legal or culturally recognized claim, but represents a … Continue reading

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Towards #FullQueerCommunism

So a friend was just banned from the queer network for, among other things (all of them equally baseless), posting a video of Black Panthers chanting “No more pigs in our community” on a thread. In case you can’t read … Continue reading

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Notes on a scandal- Facebook’s community standards

Censorship. A difficult matter at the best of times. Almost every one quarter sensible person, even on the right, would agree that this doesn’t even begin to be worthy of censorship: The image is from the delightful page “Anarchist memes”. … Continue reading

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This essay draws heavily on Selma’s James justly famous “Sex, Race and Class.” This brilliant work contains the clear foundations of a Marxist conception of the relationship between capitalism and oppression which neither reduces the importance of oppression, nor suggests … Continue reading

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Trigger warnings and run away safety culture

Safety is an interesting concept. What do you think you need in order to feel completely safe? What would make you feel safer? Here’s another question, would spending countless hours thinking about what would make you feel safer, make you … Continue reading

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Identity politics and materialism, the practical differences

To my delight, The Case for Class has generated considerable discussion lately, so I thought I’d try and expand on it a little, in particular to make clearer some of the practical differences, since the discussion is a little abstract … Continue reading

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Our situation and its prospects, an appraisal

It’s widely thought that we live in a period of political apathy. I agree only as far as disgust and felt helplessness can mimic the symptoms of apathy. More than ever, state and corporate power is perceived as unresponsive to … Continue reading

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