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Whose Freedom?

The subtitle of this blog is “Let all things be held in common.” i.e. “let communism”. When asked why I support communism my reply is always “human freedom”. I often get perplexed looks. The normal dialectic for public consumption is … Continue reading

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Yet another case for class

Once again I want to consider the question of the centrality of the class struggle to left-wing projects, as compared with other forms of oppression. I’ve previously argued that class struggle is an excellent lever for changing the world, thus … Continue reading

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Power & Parliament

People often say that libertarian communists object to parliament because it has too much power. In many important senses this is a perfectly true and a reasonable thing to say, but it’s only half the story. We also object to … Continue reading

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The Other Spectres Haunting

The world wobbles like a spinning top. Tension accumulates. Nuclear weapons. The depression epidemic. Famine with twice the food we need- starved by plenty. Our every email recorded. One percent of America in prison. Global temperature spiking. Bangladesh perhaps soon … Continue reading

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Anarchism & Marxism- We didn’t get along in the first international but can we get over that now? Thanks.

Yesterday I heard someone use the phrase “Anarcho-Marxist” for the first time. I’d previously heard the phrases “Anarcho-Stalinist” and “Anarcho-Trotskyist”, but always used in a negative way. It was pretty clear the speaker meant “Anarcho-Marxist” in a purely descriptive way- … Continue reading

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Why be optimistic about left prospects?

Someone recently asked me why I’m relatively optimistic about the revolutionary potential of the next ten to twenty years. I wasn’t sure how to reply and I just sort of listed off a bunch of factors: the necessity of response to … Continue reading

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The Case for Class

Within both radical and moderate left circles there is a serious debate about whether or not a politics which deems class struggle as more central than other forms of struggle against oppression is preferable to a politics which sees all … Continue reading

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