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The internet left have hitherto only complained about the world, the point is to change it

Call me a hypocrite if you like; I know I’m guilty too. Still I wish left-folks on the internet and elsewhere would stop doing the following: 1. Locate or run into something offensive. 2. Post it on their Facebook account, … Continue reading

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Anarchist concepts 1: Insurrectionist vs Mass Anarchism

This is the first in a series of short posts explaining concepts and debates in anarchist theory. It’s meant for readers who grasp the basics of anarchism as a political philosophy, but wish to understand some of the nuances of … Continue reading

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An incredibly one-sided account of why Analytic Philosophy tends not to be radical, and a plea for more radical Analytic Philosophy.

Anyone who has either met me or read this blog has probably figured out by now that I am both a political radical (an anarcho-communist to be precise) and an Analytic Philosopher (broadly aligned with some mix of neo-positivism and … Continue reading

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